Customer Satisfaction Survey

This questionnaire was prepared by our company in order to fully comprehend our valued customers’ needs and expectations. Your clear and straight answers to the following questions will give us a lead on this matter and it will speed up and enhance our service mentality and approach that we are proud to serve. We kindly ask you to respond our survey questions provided below and send us as soon as possible

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How did you hear of our company?
Please share us your impressions and reasons for preference of our company ?
What do you think of our product’s quality and our services?
Do you think our product range is enough for you?
Can you easily access to our company’s officials concerning your particular topic ?
Are your orders met on time by our company?
Do the number of goods demanded from us completely reach to you?
Kindly rank the following features indicated below from 1 to 6 in terms of our company
What are your present and prospective needs and expectations? Please specify in details.